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Ripmax Alliance

Although this was a relatively cheap model, it flies superbly.
It is very light and hence a little on the fragile side. It's powered by a 7.2V Speed 480, on a 3:1 gearbox and an APC 10x7 all running on a 12V (yes I did say 12V) 1100mah flight pack.

It can perform all the pattern ship manoeuvres, large loops, spins, stall turns. I bought the model at Sandown in June an I only received the motor and gearbox from Ripmax at the beginning of December - VERY poor show Ripmax!

This model met it's end in a mid air with a Prangster. Prangster 1 - Alliance 0.
It was quite funny, the Prangster carried on leaving behind a shower of confetti like bits of foam.







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