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Ilsan Extra 300s

After being recovered, it now looks like this....

Don't believe everything you see - The camera does lie!

You might be able to guess by the number of pictures of this one, that it is one of my favourites. The kit is manufactured by Ilsan and it's a semi scale model of a world famous aerobatic aircraft manufactured by Walter Extra in Germany.

It was powered by an OS91FX and an in cowl 'pitts' type silencer which was noisy but gave it enough "oomph" to go vertical forever, mmm... great fun, perhaps a little too powerful. Too noisy for the BMAC field, so I could only fly it at RAF Odiham.

It was recovered a little while back and re-engined with a YS63FS. The YS63 isn't as powerful as the OS91FX but it still hauls it limitless vertical, it's lighter and is much quieter, which allows me to fly it again at the BMAC field.

I liked it sooooooo much I bought myself another one, in case I loose this one.
(yet to be built).






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