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World Models Zen 90

I bought this model of my mate Chris who is renowned for building straight airframes. It flies beautifully on a OS91FX with an 'Hatori' full length tuned pipe and is very quiet. It meets our clubs strict 82dB noise limit. It flys like it's on rails.

It makes even a mediocre pilot (i.e. me) look good!

If you would like to get in to pattern flying then this is the ideal model to get as it is a nice size, flys beautifully, has no bad characteristics and doesn't cost a fortune to buy and run compared to the YS powered 2m pattern ships.
I would thoroughly recommend this model to anyone.

It flies much much better then the Zen 50 I had.

It is currently up for sale. Why you ask after such a glowing report?
I have now made a decision to only fly electric from now on, so all of my existing glow powered models are up for sale.






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